a letter for molly

_by brittanie shipway

Ensemble Theatre

World Premiere

April 2022


Director Ursula Yovich

Set/Costume Designer Hugh O'Connor
Lighting Designer 
Kelsey Lee

Video Designer Morgan Moroney
Sound Designer & Composer Brendon Boney

Assistant Director Erin Taylor

Visual Art & Cultural Consultant Alison Williams

Free-spirited artist Renee has a sobering revelation at a New Year’s Eve party. With vivacious best friend Nick by her side, she now faces a life-changing decision. This celebration of culture brings to light the importance of identity and the emotional power of a mother-daughter relationship.

[The design, including] Morgan Moroney's video projections, delicately flows and ebbs with the dramatics of the generational journey. The scenes wonderfully weave and flow in sync with the performances and we engage in the various environment[s] and emotion[s].

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