ghost lights

Transmedia, NIDA Digital Theatre Festival 2020

Parade Theatre, Capitol Theatre, Eternity Playhouse

Concept & Director Katy Alexander

Technical Designer Lachlan Steel

Costume Designer Claudia Kryzkiewicz

Project Managers & Creative Producers
Morgan Moroney, Mali Tauro-Cesca

As all performance venues across the world went dark during the COVID-19 pandemic, the old tradition of the ghost light was revived - leaving on a single naked bulb on a stand to ensure that an empty theatre is never left in total darkness.

In this time, where then have all the characters gone? Untethered from their plots and from each other, they have broken out. They roam the empty theatres of Sydney, searching for each other and for the audiences that enable them to exist. 


We encounter these characters through their great monologues. We find them backstage and in unnervingly empty theatres, trying to connect once again. 

Ghost Lights spans a series of short films, online audience engagement and a live streamed theatrical component.

Live Component

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